Events in Saint Barthélemy

A number of festivals and events take place throughout the year in St Barts, bringing together locals and visitors from all over the world. Although St Bart's major events focus on sea and sailing, the island also hosts a number of musical and literary events.

In January, over the past 25 years, the St Barts Music Festival features a series of jazz and chamber music concerts in the churches of Gustavia. Each edition honours a local artist who offers a painting illustrating the festival. Each year, around 80 musicians and other world famous artists perform at the festival.

In March, a several-day Bucket Regatta features beautiful sailboats from all over the world, to the delight of spectators gathered on the beach, while the Books and Jazz festival organizes readings, workshops, book signings and book fairs in schools featuring different authors and musicians.

In April takes place the Voiles de Saint-Barth - one of the great Caribbean sailing events. Launched in 2010 by the St. Barths Yacht Club and the CTTSB (Territorial Committee of Tourism of Saint Barthélemy), this regatta features yachts and multihulls as well as traditional boats, schooners and pirogues. No less than 80 boats and a thousand first-class sailors participate each year in this event.

In May, the island hosts the St Barths Film Festival, featuring the best of Caribbean and European films. Screenings, workshops for young filmmakers and panel discussions are held to discuss the films, all presented in original version with subtitles.

August is the month of commemoration of the island's patron saint: Saint Bartholomew. For this special event, a ball is held on the quai du Général-de-Gaulle in the beautifully decorated Gustavia Port, followed by regattas and various games and competitions. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the local folklore and heritage.

In November, another sea race takes place: the St Barths Cata Cup brings together more than 60 catamaran racers from all over the world to compete along the beaches of Saint-Jean Bay. The convivial atmosphere of the organizers and the local shopkeepers make this race a moment of friendly exchange.

On the 31st of December, the port of Gustavia is overrun with yachts of billionaires who came here from all over the world just for the New Year's Eve. At midnight, fireworks and bottles of champagne go off. And last but not least, enjoy the traditional Christmas market in Gustavia!

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