Tourism in Saint Barthélemy

It goes without saying that when you say island you say sea. With its 16 beaches and 32 km of coastline, St Barts is a popular destination for those who like to relax by the sea and walk along the shore. To the east of the island, the beaches called " Windward Side " are, as the name suggests, exposed to winds and waves. Nevertheless, the Marigot and Grand Cul-de-Sac beaches are worthy of a visit to this part of the coast, both for their (unique!) grey sand and for their relaxed atmosphere and shallow waters. To the west of St Barts, in the area known as " Leeward side ", you will find more sheltered beaches, whose calm turquoise waters look like on a postcard. Gouverneur, Saint-Jean or Flamands beaches... You just have to choose where to lay down your towel - a difficult choice since they all have the same white sand and blue horizon!

Another popular activity in St Barts is diving. You can opt for snorkelling - especially popular at Colombier, Shell and Saint-Jean beaches. This is a great opportunity to see lobsters, boxfish, green turtles and even nurse sharks, which are totally harmless but still quite impressive. Scuba diving offers beautiful and colourful coral reefs, thanks to shallow waters and a sandy bottom, reflecting the sunlight.

For hiking enthusiasts, there are also some beautiful trails in the heart of the island's natural environment worthy of being explored. Two main paths both lead to the Colombier beach, while the other ones, such as the Toiny Coast, to the east of the island, leads to the rocky tip of Toiny where you can contemplate a magnificent panorama, especially at sunset. Although the island is volcanic, it has a bit hilly landscape, including Morne Vitet, the highest point of the island at 286 metres above sea level, which is accessible for climbing.

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