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The famous Marigot beach is best known for its sand's colour. The unique grey colour of the sand makes it an excellent place to take pictures, as the landscape's shades and colours change throughout the day. Add to this the blue colour of the crystal clear water and all bets are off! Located to the east of St Barts, the Marigot beach features very calm waters, with a gentle lapping sound to lull you into a relaxing moment on the beach. Moreover, its tranquillity makes it one of the favourite family beaches, where children can splash around in safety. And all this in the shade of coconut trees which are quite rare on the island but still weatherproof. A rental in Marigot St Barths is therefore an excellent option for those who want to enjoy this little piece of heaven at any time. Check out our rental offers in Marigot St Barths on our website My home in Saint Barthélemy.

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Discover below our rental offers in Marigot St Barths. My home in also offers you to rent flats in Saint-Jean or near the Saline Beach.

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Are you looking for a relaxing break in the picturesque setting just like on a postcard that you could send from your trip to the Caribbean? Then the Marigot beach is the perfect place. While sitting on the beach, you can contemplate the turquoise horizon that stretches as far as the eye can see. As you lie down, the leaves of the coconut trees will put you into a soft trance, to the sound of the gentle swell caressing the grey sand. If you are looking for some action, put on your mask and snorkel and go just a few metres from the shore to admire the thousand colours of the seabed. This is where the diversity of the sea flora is really impressive, so make the most of it! Be the first to lay down your towel on the grey sandy beach by choosing a rental in the Marigot area. Summer or winter, you will find your dream accommodation in our selection of rentals in Marigot St Barths: flat with pool, villa, luxury villa... The options are endless to make your stay perfect. If you prefer to choose a rental in Lorient, check out our special page.