Practical information about Saint Barthélemy

Saint Barthélemy in a few

As a luxury Caribbean island, St Barths is a highly popular destination. Explore the 21 km2 of the island by walking from one compass point to another, or rent a car to discover every corner of the island with less effort. Sea lovers can choose between different shores, such as Saline Beach or the more secluded Colombier Beach.

Located in the northern part of the Lesser Antilles, the island has a particularly mild climate with sunny weather throughout the year. The climate is tropical and there are two main seasons: the wet season from May to November and the dry season from December to April. However, compared with the neighbouring islands, these two seasons seem hardly distinct.

How to get there?

To reach Saint Barthélemy, you must first fly to Guadeloupe (daily flights) or Saint-Martin (1-2 weekly flights with Air France up to November or 5 times a week with KLM via Amsterdam). From Pointe-à-Pitre, you can fly to Gustavia - the capital of St Barths - with Air Antilles or St Barth Commuter.

From St. Martin, a ferry boat takes you to Marigot (on the French side) and Philipsburg (on the Dutch side).

When should I come?

The peak season in the French West Indies runs from December to April, as the weather is dry and not too hot (24-25°C). However, hotels apply their highest rates during this period, although the island' s prices are already about 25% higher than in Europian France... The summer months are hotter and also rainier, although the weather remains mostly sunny. The hurricane season runs from July to mid-October with the peak risk in September.

Good to know

During the wet season rains are frequent. However, like in any tropical country, the rains fall in heavy showers and never last long. And the sun is still shining between the showers! If you are not scared of a few raindrops, staying in St Barths during the wet season can be a great opportunity to enjoy the island at lower rates and with less tourists. Start planning your holiday rental in Saint Barthélemy now!